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Luxury Flagship Store

Dubai is known for its glitz and glamor, as the luxury capital of the world. Today we are going to explore 5 flagship luxury brands in Dubai you must-visit. Lets dig in !


For desirable luxury brands, Chanel has to be one of the list. Chanel’s flagship store suggestion in Dubai could be Dubai Mall for sure. Chanel’s fans and every shopper should visit Dubai Mall due to their spacious space which contains a variety of amazing goods inside. If you need to have fully equipped Chanel’s goods, Chanel flagship store in Dubai Mall will be the best for your demand. You could access Dubai Mall at Downtown Dubai, visitors could have a convenient transportation to Dubai mall both public transportation and private driving.  


Have yourself in an aesthetic shopping mall and take your time at YSL or Saint Laurent flagship store at Mall of Emirate. Mall of Emirate YSL flagship store is completely equipped with a variety of goods. Including ready to wear clothes, YSL bags, shoes and other pieces. It also has YSL beauty inside. In addition to their function, This shopping mall provides a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere. Thus, this YSL flagship store is recommended.


As Emirates woman reported, Prada unveiled the new flagship store in Doha, Qatar. Emiratis are able to visit Prada flagship in Dubai as well. Dubai Mall is also recommended for shopping Prada goods as well. This Italian fashion house in Dubai Mall is not only suggested due to their spaciousness but also has a variety of goods such as clothing, bags and jewelries.


For Gucci fans in Dubai, the Gucci flagship store in Dubai Marina Mall is recommended. This shopping mall provides all of Gucci product types and also the latest collection. This flagship store not only has a fashion product, but also has a Gucci garden and decor & lifestyle product. In addition to a nice shopping experience, Dubai Marina Mall also has a stunning view of Dubai Marina.

Polo Ralph Lauren

If you are looking for more economical shopping in the fashion field, Dubai Outlet Mall is all for you.  Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in this mall is recommended due to their fully equipped. Especially, there is an opportunity to have a discount of at least 30% off the original price in other stores.