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Where Is The Best Place To Invest In The UAE?

It is truly incredible how far the UAE has grown in just a few decades. They started as a humble, impoverished region with nothing...

Top 4 Hangouts In Dubai For Expats

Dubai is one of the most popular cities for travel and tourism, although Dubai is culturally sensitive and has strict rules in terms of...

6 Things To Look For In A Real Estate Agent In The UAE

Real estate agents are the people that make the difference between selling your property fast for a top price or your property spending an...
Saadiyat Island

7 Best Areas for Expats to Live in Abu Dhabi

There are plenty of expats living in Abu Dhabi and they can be found in different communities around the city. Some areas are more...

Why Is My Property Not Selling Or Renting?

Not being able to sell or rent your property is one of those things that will make anyone frustrated and angry. There might be...

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