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All You Need To Know About WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp is a terrific way to keep in touch with family and friends. They have just been updated, we have more features and privacy while using this application. Get the most recent WhatsApp news here.

Screenshot avoiding for view once massages

The first fact you need to know about WhatsApp update is about avoiding screenshot views once message. This is showing how privacy of applications have improved.  View-once users are not able to take screenshots of images or videos shared using the function. They can be activated in the near future. 

Messages can be deleted up to two days later.

WhatsApp now allows you to delete messages for 60 hours after sending. Deleting the message will delete both in your application and any contact who received your massage. As a result, the function is useful and suits many people who are having second thoughts about something you sent. 


Exit the group chat swiftly 

From now, annoyed group chat problems will decrease, leaving group chat silently is possible. WhatsApp allows you to leave silently even though group admins are also notified. How do other members know that you left the group ?. They will only know you left a group chat if they check the list of members and notice your name is missing. If you are annoyed with your group chats, this updated feature will solve the problem. 

Choose who can view you are online

More privacy while using WhatsApp with the ability to choose who can see your status.  Sometimes we need to talk to someone but don’t want to invite everyone in our contact list. This update provides you a function to set online status. Additionally, You are also able to select who sees your online. So, there is limit the people who can see you most want to talk

For WhatsApp’s video calls in Dubai are still not allowed. You can make only audio calls and normal texts including other features.  


If your WhatsApp updated, share with us how’s it going ?