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Top 3 Luxury Dubai Spa

One of the most restful things you can do is visit a luxury spa in Dubai. Spa is one of the activities you must do in Dubai. If you feel overwhelmed with variety of choices, this article will guide to the best Dubai spas. Discover the top 3 spas in Dubai we recommend down below.  

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

Nikki Beach resort and spa is located in Pearl Jumeirah. It is convenient to transport and is a short distance from the main road. This spa’s opening time is 11 AM – 9 PM everyday. They will provide you with the ultimate experience of a spa which is best for retreat. Moreover, there also has a nice spas features including Hammam or Turkish bath, sauna and ice fountain which really suit summer activity. As there is a beach spa resort, visitors can have other facilities like restaurants and cafes inside. Visitors can have an all round relaxing experience, not only an amazing spa but also a beach and resort that you must visit too.

Armani Spa

Armani Spa is situated in Armani Hotel at Downtown Dubai. Visitors who live in this location and others are able to visit easily, as the community is very assessable.

Armani Spa is just a name sake of Armani fashion house but nothing related to each other. Armani Spa opening time is 9 AM – 10 PM. Visitors can have a massage, scrub and spa wrap at this particular location including other services. The reason you must visit Armani spa is the ability to design your personal spa collection. Furthermore, the atmosphere is full of uniqueness and peace.


If you are looking for a luxury spa, Pause Spa will be the best answer for you. Pause Spa is located in Paramount Hotel Midtown, Business Bay. The opening time is 9 AM – 10 PM everyday. They provide visitors with an interesting spa treatment. Including deep tissue massages, moisturizing hair masques, and glowing facials. For visitors who live nearby Business Bay or other location can access to the spa easily as well. For the real spa treatment, Pause Spa is recommended.