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Current Petrol Prices Hike in Dubai


For the first time in seven years, petrol price hikes over 74% since January. Petrol price in Dubai today is high for reasons such as the Russia-Ukraine crisis, global oil markets have seen an overall price hike, causing UAE residents to feel the domino effect.

According to Emirates Woman, petrol rates news for July was published last week

98 Super is 11.5 % more expensive at 4.63 AED/ liter and hike from 2.65 AED/ liter
95 Special is 12 % more expensive at 4.52 AED/ liter and hike from 4.3 AED/ liter
Diesel is 4.76 AED hike from 4.14 AED in last month
91 E-Plus is 4.44 AED hike from 3.96 AED in last month

This situation has an effect on big business and the effect of big business is affecting our daily life too. Including Uber’s price increased and charged as much as 11 % and people have to use other types of transportation or pay more expensive cost of Uber. As a result, this news is reflected that the increase of current petrol price in Dubai is effect like a domino.