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Znera Space

Get ready for and read this article before you visit the new landmark. There is Znera Space as a mixed use structure in giant ring form positioned in Downtown Dubai. The project’s radical plan will transform Downtown Dubai’s skyline. Then, having more information about Dubai, you must visit the current landmark.


Knowing Znera space


  • The project founded by Najmus Chowdhry and power by SquareSpace
  • A standout feature is a circular megastructure that surrounds the Burj Khalifa supported by 5 gigantic pillars. The middle line of the rings are as green belt from Skypark
  • Size: Half Kilometer above Downtown Dubai ground floor and high 550 meters. Moreover, the ring also has a three-kilometer circumference.
  • Sustainability concept, as they contain a skypark inside the ring which functions as an efficient urban center and brings this back to nature as well. So, the space is Dubai’s new greenery landmark.

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  • About Skypark: this zone is illuminated by natural light and a research center being. There is also a 3-dimensional urban eco-friendly and connects the floors vertically. Skypark features; waterfalls, digital caves, tropical vegetation and plants.
  • Transportation: transport to Downtown circle is really convenient and has a variety of types of public transportation including Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro Station and Dubai Mall Metro Bus Stop. Additionally, visitors can drive conveniently to Znera space.

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