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Investing in Dubai real estate can provide investors or even homebuyers huge financial benefits and incentives. However, to invest in the Dubai real estate market the key to yield profits is patience’s. 

Real estate investment as a whole to yield profits and break-even is to be patient. Investment in real estate is never a quick way to generate profit. However real estate investments are a very secure way to get your return of investment (ROI). One of the world’s hottest investment cities is in Dubai. Invest in Dubai real estate and you would generate a passive income with huge financial returns. 

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Why Invest in Dubai Real Estate? 

The Dubai property market at first was not for foreign buyers or investors. Since 2002, when the freehold phenomenon came into play, the real estate market in the region changed. Foreign investors got lured into the region with its beautiful architecture, iconic landmarks, and of course a new futuristic city back in 2002. 

But a case study stated that by the time investors earned solid rental yields it took them over a six-year period. The years it took investors to yield profits. Invest in Dubai real estate brought those investors capital gains between 3.5 – 5x of their initial investments. So for the time period to yield profits, the gain you receive from investing in the Dubai property market is a huge gain. The key to investment into the Dubai property market is: patience. 

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Fast-forward to 2021, while the whole world is going through a period of transition from a pandemic to an epidemic. Dubai on the other hand did not even have a lockdown. The economy as a whole, recovered quickly. The local currency was and is pegged against the US Dollar. A region whose economy does not depend on 1 or 2 products or services anymore, rebound to reach different heights. 

In the beginning of 2022, foreign investors were lured to invest in Dubai real estate as the government amended its Golden Visa rule (a quick guide why the new visa rule can benefit you).. Property prices in Dubai in the first half of 2022 were underperforming. Prices were low, compared to the heights of 2008. 

On the other hand, sales transactions of property reached its record high in 13 years. Foreign investors choose Dubai because of its quick recovery from the pandemic, its quick economical rebound, the underperforming market value of properties, the new government visa programs, and of course for capital gains. 

Another few reasons of foreign investors choosing Dubai is because of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and inflation hitting first world countries such as: United States of America, London, the EU zone, and later on China. 

Investing in Dubai, patience is by, in other words, those who have made money in real estate over the last decade have done so through rental yields and the principle of compounding. Despite a slew of new offerings and the zeal of brokers who urged investors to time the markets, these initial capital gains were followed by more than a decade of rental yields.

What’s Next 

FazWaz UAE is your real estate guide in UAE. As one of the leading proptech real estate brokers in UAE. FazWaz did all the walk-throughs to find the perfect home for you.

For investment purposes in real estate, there are few main points and details to figure out to receive the best rental yields as possible. For instance location is important, is the property nearby various public transports, are there malls, grocery stores, restaurants, and activities to do nearby. What are the main highlights of the project and the district itself? 

Dubai’s underperforming real estate sector currently, provides amazing payment plans, and attractive prices. 

Collective Apartment invest in Dubai
Collective Apartment invest in Dubai

Collective apartment for sale in Dubai Hills Estate answers most of the main questions of investment to the tee. For instance the project is developed by Emaar Properties (the leading developer in UAE), the location is in central Dubai. As tenants will receive the best of both worlds. Residential Dubai is a mere 6 minutes away from Collective apartment. The city of Dubai is a mere 7 minutes away by the metro station. 

Secondly, Dubai Hills Estate where the project is situated, provides a rental yield of 7.2% annually for a 1-bedroom apartment. Locals and expats alike prefer to stay in-between the city and residential Dubai. 

For more information on the Collective project click here. 

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