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Dubai, United Arab Emirates has lots of events, activities, and commercial establishments to fully enjoy the weekend. However, your weekend plans might be empty. Our guide for today is how to fully embrace the perfect weekend in Dubai. 

Concert! Louis Tomlinson

Finally we can go out and meet people. What is the best way to go and meet people? Well head over to the Louis Tomlinson concert. Louis Tomlinson Walls World Tour is heading over to Dubai at Coca-Cola Arena in Downtown Dubai. You will have the “PERFECT” Saturday. 

Louis Tomlinson Singing
Louis Tomlinson


Saturday Brunch 

Before going to the concert at Downtown Dubai, let’s not forget about Saturday Brunch in Dubai. A trendy activity to chill and vibe with friends on a Saturday afternoon. A few drinks for mimosas to start off enjoying the concert afterwards. Click here for more recommended Saturday Brunches in Dubai. 

Eggs, Fries, Breads, food on wooden table
Saturday Brunch Dubai


The weekend does not end on a Saturday though. Let’s continue on more fun weekend plans for Sunday. 

Korean Art Gallery

Let’s start with going to Nakheel Mall in Palm Jumeirah. Nakheel Mall is hosting a special K-art gallery on Nakheel Mall rooftop. Art enthusiasts will meet two world renowned artists, Son Jin-Hyoung and Kim Jong Sook. The exhibition goes on till July 22 2022. 

Abstract Art

Jebel Ali (Market)

Lastly for weekend plans let’s head out to Jebel Ali. Sundays are time with families and childrens. Let’s celebrate having time to spend with loved ones. Let’s head over to Jebel Ali to Festival Plaza. The unique pop-up market olds the most adorable Petting Zoos. The zoo features puppies, hamsters, cats, and more. Where families and kids can connect with your furry best friends. 

Here from FazWaz Real Estate UAE we want to say, have a great weekend and a great start for the month and the second half of the year. Let’s Go!