UAE Visa, passport and UAE Flag

Dubai, United Arab Emirates was one of the fastest country to rebound from COVID-19. Post-pandemic UAE rebound quickly compared to major cities such as New York, London, and Hong Kong. UAE Visa is a hot topic of discussions to lure in foreign investors, visitors, and create jobs in the region. 

With plenty of new UAE visas and existing visas, lets dig right into everything you need to know. 

Business Visa

Investors seeking to set up businesses or start-up, or investors in other companies can receive a business visa without a sponsor. 

Study Visa

For training and study purposes in universities or for jobs applied. The visa is granted for the overall duration and it is sponsored by the public or private educational institutions. 

Family Visa

Families can sponsor their own children till the age of 25. This new UAE visa is applied to disable children as well. 

Job Visa

Bachelor degree holders from the best 500 universities can apply for a job visa to explore amazing positions in the UAE. 

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Existing UAE Visa 

For Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs are now eligible to apply under this category, with the UAE considered a startup hub and an influx of innovative businesses. Any small and medium enterprise (SME) must generate at least AED 1 million in revenue, or the individual must be a founder of a previous project that was sold for at least AED 7 million, and it must be approved by the Ministry of Economy or competent local authorities.

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is an amendment and new rule of holders to sponsor their family members and even domestic workers. Golden visas are granted for professionals workers, investors, and even real estate investors as well. 

Real Estate Owners 

Similar with Golden Visa, but for this particular category is aimed towards investors seeking to purchase property for sale in Dubai. To be granted a real estate owner UAE visas. The requirement is a minimum investment of 2M AED or 545K USD. 

Golden Visa Stamp and UAE


What’s Next? 

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