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Celebrity Love Dubai


Luxury Lifestyle, (Newest Landmark) and having a nice photo shoot is all in Dubai. As we have seen in social media platform, many of celebrity including hollywood and bollywood super star, business celebrity and also global sport champ are posted their photoshoot with desert or Burj Khalifah background. Additionally, There is an event or concert which often take place in Dubai. Why it like this ? down below are 3 short bite -sized stips about celebrity and Dubai.  

1. Celebrity Living in Dubai

This fact could show how Dubai is livable. There are many celebrities living in Dubai including Hollywood movie stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Roger Federer and Michel Salgado etc. Even though they are not living in Dubai, most of them also often come to visit Dubai landmarks or tourist attractions and spend time here.   

Some of them have an apartment in Dubai Marina and moreover there’s visit famous hotels including Atlantis The Royal  which is also be a property for sale from March 2022. So, having many celebrities living or often spend their time in Dubai could be the first tip to show that celebrities love Dubai.

2. Celebrity Take A Photo With Dubai Landmark 

How often we see the photos of famous people or influencers who have checked in and post their photo in Dubai, The background of desert with camel and traditional clothing, or snap their picture with modernist city buildings such as Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. We usually see instagram or other social media pictures in Dubai including Mariah Carrey, Zac Efron and Eva Longoria who are also posting their picture. This fact is able to be claimed that Dubai is an attractive destination for celebrities and many people. 

3. Concert And Event In Dubai

As we saw Justin Bieber Continue His World Tour In Dubai news and knowing about other events that take place in Dubai. These are the one facts to show how celebrities love to come to Dubai and affect their expat  fans and followers who are coming as well. In addition to prefer coming to Dubai, there’s also reflecting that Dubai often has concerts and events.