Overview shot of top schools in Dubai in 2022
Top Schools in Dubai in 2022

Summer-time is about to end soon, with the school year about to start. Parents in Dubai are preparing kids to go back to start the school year. You are moving to Dubai and might be thinking what are the best schools in Dubai that I should send my kids for the best education or nearby my property in Dubai. 

Before the school year starts, we have compiled a list of top schools in Dubai in a family-friendly community and international standard curriculum. 

Top 5 Schools in Dubai ranked are: 

  1. King’s School 
  2. Dubai British School Jumeirah Park 
  3. Gems Wellington International School 
  4. Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai 
  5. Jumeirah English Speaking School 

Let’s dig in on why these top 5 schools in Dubai are popular among expats and locals alike in the UAE. 

King’s School 

One of the most popular and famous schools in Dubai is King’s School. The popularity of the school made them expand into three different brands and family-friendly communities. The three brands of King’s School in Dubai are situated at: Umm Suqeim 3, Al Barsha, and Jumeirah Village Circle. All the communities are family-friendly and provide families and kids with plenty of outdoor activities. Surrounding by lush green parks and away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. 

King’s Schools in Al Barsha is ideally located between the city center and in one of the greenest communities of Dubai. 

King’s School is popular as it offers English National Curriculum, the same as kids in the United Kingdom. King’s School offers a second language, music, sports, and plenty of extracurricular activities with art and literature. Additionally King’s School is popular among expats because of its cutting-edge technological advancement in class. 

King’s School fee ranges between 43K – 66K AED. This school in Dubai offer education from primary to senior year. 

Entrance of King's School in Al Barsha, Dubai
King’s School, Al Barsha, Dubai

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

One of the newest schools in Dubai yet one of the best schools in the region is: Dubai British School Jumeirah Park. Founded in 2015 it quickly established itself to become the leading British school in the UAE. Located in the heart of Jumeirah; one of the most sought after communities in Dubai for families to buy and rent properties in Dubai. The community itself is popular because of the nearby city, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. You have all the necessary cover in Jumeirah. 

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park is well established because of how their number priority is to be a well-balanced school for its students. It keeps their students wellbeing as the number priority. They want students to not be pressured, and to have a good mental and emotional mind to be creative. Their goal is to give students the tool to make a positive difference to the world and of course the students own life. The school is well known for its art, music, literature, and creative class. 

Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, Dubai
Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, Dubai

GEMS Wellington International School Dubai

GEMS Wellington International schools in Dubai has been a well established school among locals for a long time. The school offers a proper British curriculum school standard till Year 11 which follows GCSE and IGCSE. The schools in Dubai are very popular to parents as it is one of the best schools for students later on to enter Cambridge, Oxford, or King Universities in London. GEMS Wellington International Schools Dubai focus on personal growth to let students set up their own goals, and support students to reach their goal from a very young age. It is perfect for parents seeking to let students have ambitions, foster personal growth, wellness, and to become leaders. 

Tuition fee at GEMS Wellington International School Dubai is between 41K – 89K AED annually. 

GEMS Wellington International School in Dubai
GEMS Wellington International School in Dubai

Swiss International Scientific School Dubai 

Future generations are encouraged at the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD), a top international school, to become self-assured, enthusiastic lifelong learners who are prepared to take on the opportunities and difficulties of a global society.

SISD promotes academic success while offering a motivating, inclusive, and challenging learning environment. All of our pupils are encouraged to develop into successful, globally aware, enthusiastic lifelong learners who will boldly seize the day and contribute to a positive change. In a stimulating, multilingual, and global learning environment, we assist our students in realizing their full potential in collaboration with parents and the teaching team.

Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai
Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai

Jumeirah English Speaking School Dubai 

Jumeirah English School Dubai is one of the most famous international schools in Dubai. As well as being famous the school is located in one of the most sought-after communities in Dubai at Arabian Ranches. The school has been in the top of the list since 2011, as its students have been accepted to top universities in America and in the United Kingdom. 

Jumeirah English Speaking School Dubai follows an English curriculum and encourages students to take extracurricular activities. From dancing, to drama, to music center and plenty of sports fields and swimming pools. Students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and talent. 

The building is very colorful and one of the best build schools in Dubai as well. Additionally, the school offers resources and support to special needs kids. 

Jumeirah English Speaking School Dubai location in Arabian Ranches provides kids a safe environment in a gated-community away from the glitz and glamor of Dubai. 

Tuition fee at Jumeirah English Speaking School Dubai is between 39K – 91K AED. 

Entrance of Jumeirah English Speaking School Dubai
Entrance of Jumeirah English Speaking School Dubai

What’s Next? 

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