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Warning from doctors, vitamin D overdose could be dangerous

Doctors are warning vitamin D overdose can cause health issues. Discover more about what our bodies necessitate down below. 

Even though a few years ago, the UAE propulsion problem is a lack of vitamin D problem because of sunny conditions for a whole year. In the other way, medical professionals telling a new perception about having vitamin D for the body in proper quantities. 

According to Khaleej Times, Dr. Neena Rasil has explained that vitamin D contains fatty tissues of the body which are used when it is required. However, when you have an overdose of vitamin D it leads to toxicity. This issue could happen because our body is not able to eliminate it. Then, it will lead to a hypercalcemia in blood which causes the bone to weaken. Moreover, vitamin D  overdose also causes many symptoms including drowsiness and lethargy, high blood pressure and erratic heartbeats which are affected by nausea.   

As a result, what is the appropriate dosage that we should have ?. Dr. Al Meri has said in Khaleej Times that we could balance the quantity of vitamin D in our body: by going outside to the sun for 20 minutes per week, for exposing time to sunlight 10 am – 3 pm is recommended. 

Furthermore, eating yogurt and cheese are efficient as well. For quantity, he advised that taking vitamin D a daily dosage of 200 – 800 IU is recommended but according to different ages. 

The most important thing is going for check-ups frequently. For recommended hospitals, continue to respective hospitals in the UAE.