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UAE Weather

On June 28 2022, UAE weather is hot and dusty with high temperature and some area is able to hit 48 ํC almost hit the hottest 50 ํC.

According to Khaleej Times, the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) explained that during the day time will be dusty and partly cloudy. Over the coastal areas expect increased humidity with an opportunity to have fog and mist. In the afternoon, there’s also a possibility to have some convective clouds forming.

Additionally, there’s moderate windy and fresh air that is affected by blowing dust that could decrease horizon visibility. For Dubai temperature is 41 ํC and Abu Dhabi 40 ํC and southern area of Gasyoura have a high temperature and going to reach 48 ํC which close to the hottest temperature 50 ํC. Moreover, in Arabian Gulf and Oman sea, the sea will be rough and moderately slight.