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The start of the pandemic has caused investment through properties to gain citizenship to decrease significantly. It is unsurprising why investment in property drops sharply. As travel was pretty much banned and people were stuck at home.

Times are changing, and investment through the property for citizenship is rising again. For some countries, the raise is a major push to help their economy. As with the effect of the pandemic, many economies are feeling the heat of rising demand but low supply which equals inflation and higher cost.

On the other hand, the country that benefited the most from foreign investment through citizenship is Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since the beginning of 2022, Dubai has seen a record-breaking sales transaction after 13 years. With foreign investors seeking to choose UAE as their preferred destination to receive Golden Visa through property investment.

Golden Visa Rule
Golden Visa

Why Foreign Investors Lured To Dubai?

First and foremost, the government amended its Golden Visa rule to lure in high-net-worth individuals by extending the visa duration from 5 years to 10 years.

Secondly, as a Golden Visa holder in Dubai, you do not need to come back to the country every 6 months to retain your citizenship. You can become a successful landlord by purchasing your property and earning your rental yield by being somewhere else.

Lastly, the Dubai property market is underperforming compared to its peak in 2014. To obtain a Golden Visa through property investment, the minimum investment is USD 545K. By obtaining a Golden Visa you can set up businesses in Dubai. The region acts as a bridge between the east and the west, and with no annual property tax and income-gain tax, it’s a great tax haven region.

Top foreign investors coming to Dubai to purchase property to obtain Golden Visas are from the United Kingdom, India, Russia, China, France, and more.

Dubai is not the only region to be ranked among the five countries to obtain citizenship through investment in properties. However, in the year 2022, Dubai will be the best-performing real estate sector.

Living Room in The Palm Tower Residence
The Palm Tower Residence Apartment for Sale Dubai

What Are Other Top Ranking Countries Offer Golden Visas?


The country on the Iberian Peninsula Spain comes in second place. Spain offers a great return on investment through the property and one of the best Golden Visa options as well. The requirement to obtain citizenship in Spain is a minimum investment of 507K USD. After five years of holding the property, the homeowner receives residency in the warm and beautiful country of Spain


Keeping the trend of Europe, the small yet beautiful naturistic country of Montenegro offers great properties for sale. The minimum investment required to obtain a Golden Visa is 456K USD. Additionally while obtaining a Golden Visa in Montenegro you can travel visa-free to 123 countries worldwide. A huge benefit for high-net-worth individuals with a preference to travel can find the criteria very useful and interesting.


The continent that is nestled between Europe and Asia is Turkey/. Turkey offers one of the best property prices and a huge rental yield to real estate investors. A minimum requirement to obtain a Golden Visa is very quick and one of the lowest of all the countries on the list. The minimum investment requirement is around 120K USD to gain a Golden Visa.

As stated above, Turkey offers one of the quickest applications for citizenship in just 120 days. In a short span, you can become a property owner, a real estate investment to expand your investment portfolio, and of course, earn profits.



To complete the top 5 list of countries to obtain a Golden Visa is the beautiful, warm, and foodie paradise of Thailand. The most popular country in Asia offers one of the lowest requirements to obtain its Golden Visa. Or in Thailand, they call it Elite Ultimate Privilege residency which is valid for 20 years.

The minimum required investment is around 16K USD to gain full residence rights for five years. As the country in Thailand is set to completely open up to travelers you can expect Chinese and Hong Kong residents to obtain a second citizenship.

Why Do People Seek A Second Citizenship?

There are various reasons why people seek second citizenship. The primary reason is for family members to ensure a brighter future, with better opportunities, better health care, and a better standard of living.

Another reason for holding second citizenship is to expand your investment portfolio. It is a great way to set up business in a different country which offers better opportunities for profits.

What’s Next?

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