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Top 10 UAE Lifestyle Blogs

The United Arab Emirates is a luxury country and well known as a commercial hub. This country has many bloggers, who represent UAE lifestyle, fashion, wellness and businesses. So, readers will understand how Emirati live their fabulous lifestyle through the blog articles. 

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Content Table

  • Emirates Woman
  • Dubai Expat Woman
  • Sassy Mama
  • The Luxe Diary
  • Boy Dubai 
  • DMCC
  • Helen Debrah-Ampofo
  • Doin Dubai
  • Flashy  
  • Dubai Desert Twins Blog


Emirates Woman

Main Topic: Middle East Lifestyle, Fashion, News

If you think about lifestyle blog posts, fashion, and beauty for women and men. Emirates Woman will be the first option. This website is about lifestyle in the UAE and edited by Amy Sessions. Emirates Woman is an impressive website which has published news for more than 40 years. They encompass numerous Middle East luxury lifestyle, fashion, and beauty trends. Emirates Woman is able to deliver efficient and trustworthy information. This website is not only good for women, but also provides men’s lifestyle content. For instance, they have Emirates Man content and write about watches or business news.

For readers who prefer guide blogs on lifestyle, fashion and news in UAE. Emirates Woman is able to complete your demand. The way they represent information is interesting, it is easy to understand. The most important reason to follow is their timely update. So, you will not miss any of the most recent lifestyle articles. So you are always ahead of the trend.


Dubai Expat Woman

Main Topic: Lifestyle, News, Business

Dubai Expat Woman is a lifestyle website that was first launched in 2002. There was Jane Dury as a founder, and Clarice Awa as an editor and writer. For reading a variety of content, Dubai Expat Woman is the first one to think of. Article content is about lifestyle in the UAE, wellness, and finance. Readers who need to know about Dubai lifestyle in many dimensions, Expat Woman website is recommended.

To describe this website in a big picture, Expat Woman content harmonizes between lifestyle and informative. Readers will have an enjoyable time while they read. Along with understanding information about the UAE before traveling.

Sassy Mama

Main Topic: Traveling, Family, Lifestyle

I am sure that Sassy Mama web blogs have to allure you at first impression. Sassy Mama was first launched in 2011 by Kaya Scott and Sofia Verman. This website is organized and has an adorable layout. Especially, the website’s readability can be the reason why it is popular.

Sassy Mama blogs represent entertainment, lifestyles and writing through modern vision. Moreover, Sassy Mama is easy to understand because they raise true experience in articles. So, readers can adapt their content to the situation easily.

This website is suitable for women readers, and also other genders who prefer modern family content. So, their attractive design and interesting content are their reason for its popularity.


The Luxe Diary 

Main Topic: Luxury Lifestyle, Traveling, Art

The Luxe Diary is one of the most attractive design web blogs. This website is full of luxury simple designs which can attract both women and men visitors. Same as their content topic, this website contains lifestyle, art, travel for majority content. As a result, every gender is able to favor the content easily.

For comparison and contrast, the website is out-standing in web design which is stylish as Sassy Mama website but has a difference in characteristics. Likewise, this blog content is similar to Emirates Woman. The different point is the content represented with a modern vision.

Even though they have the same point but represent a different vision. Reader could select which website is suitable for you.


Boy Dubai

Main Topic: Lifestyle, Working, Traveling

Boy Dubai website was started in 2010 by Ion Gonzaga, he is one of the pioneer bloggers in UAE. If you need efficient information before moving to Dubai, Boy Dubai website is for you. You can explore Dubai lifestyle facts in their article. So, the blog’s strengths is the ability to represent the Dubai lifestyle in many dimensions.

For example, an attractive story about places, advice on interesting products, and a true story of people’s success and struggles. On the other hand, Boy Dubai provides content on Dubai lifestyle from a man perspective. Readers will have Dubai lifestyle information in different views, due to the writer’s unique vision.

Additionally, the website provides business content for young adults. It is suitable for both women and men readers. In addition, the content suits every reader who needs to know Dubai in a different perspective. As a result, Boy Dubai is all-round informative content with enjoyable representation. Apart from blog posts, Boy Dubai also has other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Readers can follow for easily up to date the new post.



Main Topic: Lifestyle, Property, Business

DMCC blog website was launched in 2002 and has Ahmed Bin Sulayem as a CEO. Visitors will enjoy reading about living in Dubai with beneficial information. This website is for readers who are searching for information about living in Dubai.

Especially, DMCC represents real estate and business in an interesting way. Although the content is more informative than other websites, it is easy to understand and entertaining at the same time. Readers who are seeking real estate websites and searching about Dubai property information. DMCC is all you ever need.


Helen Debrah-Ampofo

Main Topic: Lifestyle, Social, Traveling

Traveling and lifestyle blog writing with expat vision as Helen Debrah-Ampofo. She is a British woman living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This blog was first launched around 2018. In addition to the lifestyle in Dubai, Helen’s story contains her perspectives on cultural and social issues. Her perspective expressed can impact the website content. It’s full of useful information and different from other lifestyle content.

Expat readers who want to understand UAE culture in expat view, this web blog is recommended. Consequently, the blog content is informational and functional in daily life. That’s the reason why we recommend it.


Doin Dubai

Main Topic: Lifestyle, Traveling, Eating

Doin Dubai, the web blog that shows you what to do in Dubai. The website was first launched in 2011. It has Monica Kapila as content creator. This is plenty of helpful information you must read before moving to Dubai. Doin Dubai content is sincerely present about wellness, eating and travel in Dubai. Readers who need realistic content and adapt for an easy life in Dubai. Doin Dubai suits you.

If you don’t know what to do in Dubai, Doin Dubai will have the answer for you. In addition to web blogs, there are also social media platforms to follow as well.



Main Topic: Dubai Lifestyle, Business, News

This UAE lifestyle web blog was first launched around 2008 and developed by Webcots inc. Flashy Dubai is for readers who prefer news. Web blog represents diverse content including lifestyle, business and Dubai’s news. For readers who need information about living in Dubai, this website is convenient to use. Moreover, the website representation is so clear, there’s categorizes the topic neatly. So, this represents how well they focus on user experience.

Flashy Dubai’s content is easy to understand. They usually provide efficient information in daily life. Readers who want to know about experience and tips to make your life more convenient, Flashy Dubai is able to complete your demand.


Dubai Desert Twins Blog

Main Topic: Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty

We are sure many people have seen two pretty twins in a web blog. Marie and Rose twins are from England and well known as Dubai’s bloggers. They started the Dubai Desert Twins Blog in 2012. Their content is mostly about women’s lifestyle from an expat perspective. This web blog becomes memorable by fashion and beauty lifestyle content. Furthermore, Marie and Rose’s blog also recommend Dubai’s food spots you must try.

This web site is suitable for both expat and Emirati, and everybody who is finding inspiration to dress up and travel in Dubai. As Dubai has many tourist attractions and instagrammable locations at every corner.


As we compile 10 lists for lifestyle blogs, you will have a better understanding of Dubai culture, lifestyle, and traditions. Dubai has a modern, luxury, and tranquil lifestyle. Living is convenient and ive as an urban person. As a result, lifestyle web blogs are not only a guide about living in Dubai, but also able to reflect their society and culture.