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UAE Public Holiday 2022

For planning your vacation trip to travel in Dubai, We compiled UAE next public holiday list in down below  

 July 30:  Hijiri (Islamic) New Year’s Day

Hijiri is Islamic New Year Day. This day will begin in the evening of Friday, July 29 and ends in the evening of Saturday, July 30. So, it could be claimed that you will  have 3 day off to spend your holiday. If you didn’t have an idea what to do, You would read the Remarkable Activities Blog for suggestions.

October 8: The Prophet’s Birthday

The prophet’s birthday or ‘Milad un Nabi’ will take place on Saturday.  On this day Emiratis could spend a relaxing time. Muslims gather in mosques or other public gathering places to pray communally. 

December 1 and 2: Commemoration Day and National Day

Before New Year’s Eve, UAE also has a break on December 1 and 2. These public holidays will take 4 day off because it will happen on Thursday and Friday including that weekend.